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More productivity and efficiency

It is true that the telephone and email, although very useful, are not the most effective method of communication for various types of more serious or sensitive issues. For several years, the only way to get around this was to actually move people to locations. However, this type of solution has several costs for companies. Expenses related to travel and stays and loss of several hours and days that could be used in other activities important to the company. 

Nowadays, several companies have realized that technology can be at your service, with ever more reliability, quality and safety. We, at Grupo Jota, have already helped several companies to increase their productivity, reduce costs and achieve real competitive advantages over their competition using professional videoconferencing systems. 

Videoconferencing systems

Videoconferencing systems allow companies to be more available and faster when it comes to decision making.
We have complete solutions that include high quality audio and video. These solutions allow your company to save resources and manage situations more quickly.

Effective communication is vital to the success of any company. Videoconferencing systems have become a key element in this regard. It is not only important to find the best software for videoconferencing, but also to be able to count on the best equipment to guarantee the most efficient meetings with high quality video and audio.

Professional video conferencing system

Professional videoconferencing is a system distinct from the solutions found using software such as Skype, whatsapp, etc. This type of solution is extremely practical and reliable for personal use. However, in a business or professional environment it is recommended to install a professional video conferencing system that is capable of guaranteeing sound and image quality without any interruption. In this way, you will ensure more successful meetings, greater productivity in your teams and efficiency of time and resources. 

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