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de intrusão.

What are intrusion alarms?

Intrusion alarms are designed to detect dangerous situations that may occur in a protected installation or object. In addition, these alarms can also protect and alert you in case of fire, gas leak, flood or any other dangerous situation. These alarms are made up of strategically placed devices that ensure the protection of some space with specific parameters for each case or situation.

How does an intrusion alarm system work?

Intrusion alarms work through 3 types of devices, called peripheral devices.

Thus, the 3 types of peripheral devices are the detectors, the control devices and the warning devices.

Detectors, as the name implies, are devices that are armed to detect possible danger or alarm situations, it can be through infrared that detect the presence of a body or through magnetic contact, which when doors and windows are open, for example, the alarm is triggered.

On the other hand, control devices are devices that allow communication between the user and the system.
It can be through keyboards, remote controls or communicators.

Finally, the warning devices are obviously the devices responsible for alerting when a dangerous situation occurs. These alerts can be given through sound or light sirens or through communication to an alarm center.

Ajax security system.

The Ajax system is the most awarded wireless security system in Europe. In fact, this is an intelligent, reliable and extremely fast system. That is, a system that reacts only to real dangers, not to false alarms. If something happens, Ajax will notify you quickly and help you avoid huge problems.

Elaboração de projetos de segurança.

Our security team has designed and installed hundreds of successful security projects.
Undoubtedly, we meet the needs of our customers, formulating a project that guarantees all the security and necessary requirements.
We do this with constant customer monitoring and with rigor and professionalism.
Our equipment is approved by IPQ - Instituto Português da Qualidade.

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