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Home theater solutions.

Superb and technologically advanced image quality, high fidelity sound speakers with extraordinary sound insulation and treatment, cinema chairs extremely comfortable, luxurious and adapted to your decorative taste, magnificent quality lighting, useful and able to create the best possible environment for a perfect evening or a more homely day.

A movie theater can make your home an even more pleasant, refined, sophisticated, attractive place of leisure, capable of providing you with fantastic, stimulating and regenerating moments, both for you and your family and friends, with the consequences of reducing boredom and increased pleasure.

Sound for home theaters.

Surround yourself with high-quality sound and immerse yourself in a sensory experience through our high-fidelity sound systems that will allow you to enjoy the best possible listening experience without distortion or noise escaping from the cinema in a perfect soundproofing environment.

High quality image in your home theater.

No sophisticated home theater is complete without a high-quality video projector. The video projectors they are the only way to truly recreate the big screen experience you get when you go to the movies.

And no projection is successful without a suitable screen. The canvas today is more than just a smooth white surface on which an image is projected. At projection screens are suitable for different visualization applications.

Lighting for home theaters.

The greatest beauty of having a movie theater at home is being able to customize it as you like. In other words, you don't need to stick to the necessary functional lighting in the cinema room, you can have fun decorating it in an exclusive and luxurious way. Under chairs, on cup holders or even creating incredible panoramas on the ceiling, you will be able to make your home cinema room even more special.

Why should you choose Grupojota?

  • More than 20 years of experience in the sector
  • The best brands in the market
  • Custom installation
  • Technical advice
  • Permanent monitoring

Furniture for movie theaters.

Go further in your experience in terms of luxury and comfort. Our home cinema chairs have features such as electronically adjustable headrest, adjustable lumbar support and illuminated cup holder. Each seat has its individual design, from modern to classic or from simple to fun, with a wide variety of material and color options.

Meet our furniture brand for movie theaters. 

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