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What is a hi-fi sound system?

High fidelity means faithfully reproducing sounds as they were originally recorded. This is a term that has been used in terms of marketing since the 1950s. It was at this time that home sound systems began to develop with more quality in terms of technology and design.

Since that time, there has been a great demand, by music lovers, for the best equipment capable of reproducing the sound as it was originally recorded.
Since then, naturally, progress has been made in this area. We want to show you some of our high fidelity sound equipment and why they are the best solution in your search for a system of this type.

bang & olufsen


pro-ject audio

bowers & wilkins

Why should you choose Grupojota?

  • More than 20 years of experience in the sector
  • The best brands in the market
  • Custom installation
  • Technical advice
  • Permanent monitoring

Hi-fi sound system in your home.

In your home, you can create a sound system that expresses all your passion for music and makes you enjoy and enjoy an incredible auditory delight. Impress your guests, make the experience of visiting your home unforgettable.

A hi-fi sound system transmits music exactly as it was recorded. That is, if it is a song recorded live, the sensation you will have when listening to it at home with a high fidelity sound system will be the same as being live in the place that was recorded. For example, if it is an album recorded in the studio, the sound in turn will be faithful exactly to the way it was recorded in the studio. In this way, in your home you can have a faithful and accurate experience of high quality music.
Another way to enjoy a hi-fi sound system in its fullness and excellence is by including it in your home theater. Truly unique and unforgettable experiences.

Music just as it was developed and thought by musicians. A remarkable experience that you can have daily with your comfort.

Impress your guests.

You are likely to be a music lover. If so, a high fidelity sound system can be the best gift you give yourself.
Impress your guests and daily enjoy unforgettable audio experiences.

Impressione os seus

Hi-fi sound systems in companies.

Companies of various types can take advantage of high-fidelity sound systems. In fact, they will be able to provide a superior experience to their customers, partners and even members of their team, making the entire environment that surrounds your company in a happier and happier environment.

Installation of hi-fi sound systems.

In order to correctly install a high fidelity sound system, you must have a good team of experienced and specialized technicians in this area. Why? Because if it doesn't, you may run the risk of not enjoying all the potential that the equipment you have acquired has. Worse than that, you may even risk damaging the equipment.

That is why, at Grupo Jota we have a team specialized in high fidelity sound and video. Certainly, we were able to provide an excellent service from advising the best options to installing and optimizing the sound system.

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