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chairs for home cinema.

Luxury, comfort and exclusivity in your home cinema room.

We go further in terms of comfort, luxury and extravagance. The biggest and most unique wishes are realizable.
Have you ever considered taking the experience of a home cinema to another level and being dazzled by the quality and comfort of our chairs for home cinema? 
With the possibility of personalizing several incredible extras, you can make the experience of having a home cinema unique and exclusive. Come with us.


Lusochair is a Portuguese company, a brand of ours, which offers solutions for movie theaters. Our products are of superior quality and 100% manufactured in Portugal. Among the offers we have you can find chairs, sofas, paneling and furniture for movie theaters.

Chairs for home cinema.

The best home cinema are designed to fully immerse viewers in the entertainment world.
When you enter a private cinema, you clearly feel that you are experiencing one of the most extravagant pleasures in life. It is not just a division of the house, it is like a sanctuary where you can hide from the world.

Luxury, detail and exclusivity.

Our home cinema chairs are aesthetically superior and innovative. Above all, they are luxury seats with bold technologies and quality details.

All products are manufactured with the highest quality materials. Therefore, these materials guarantee a sophisticated product that ensures comfort and fun for years. 

Our cinema chairs offer exclusive and pioneering technology resources on the market that increase the comfort and functionality of the seat and guarantee the best performance.

Some features and technology of our chairs.

  • heating and cooling ventilation,
  • double and triple motorized mechanisms controlled by illuminated keyboards with predefined function,
  • electronic lumbar support,
  • motorized articulated headrest,
  • control over the seats using the home automation system,
  • LED lighting, USB and wireless charging,
  • heating cup holders

Want to have a dream cinema in your home?

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