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A system adapted to your needs.

All residences, companies or institutions that want to control entrances and exits in their establishments must have an access control system customized to their needs.

At Grupo Jota we seek to implement the solution that best suits the needs of each project. We do this by guaranteeing a complete installation, training, maintenance and technical support service.

What is an access control system?

An access control system involves establishing rules and permissions to access a particular space or property. This type of solution can also manage the opening of doors and closing mechanisms with sensors. These systems can also record the date and time of entry and exit, among other possibilities of control and monitoring. We work with the best brands in the market in access control systems and IP video intercoms.

IP video intercoms

Many private homes or condominiums opt for an IP video intercom system that can bring immense advantages. An IP controlled video intercom system is extremely safe and simple to use because it can be controlled and monitored by a specialized team. That is, its users use this system in a very comfortable and safe way, without worries. 

The result of this type of integration is very safe properties or spaces as well as their residents or users. 

Biometric control system

In highly restricted environments or installations, the security and access control system is an issue of high importance and great responsibility. A solution that has proven to be quite reliable and that has allowed to increase security in several companies is the use of biometric systems.  

A biometric access control system is a highly reliable system. This is because it is based on the individual's physiological characteristics that are unique, such as the retina, fingerprint or face. This is a highly secure system based on precise mathematical algorithms.

With a biometric access control system you can control who enters a certain reserved area and provide different levels of access for each individual. In addition, it manages to monitor the activity of each subject in the protected area. 

Controlling the entry and exit of car parks is also of great importance for many organizations and institutions. 

Through registration recognition it is possible to limit access only to authorized persons and automatically identify them to avoid wasting time or resources. 

Traditional access control systems Vs biometric control

The great difference of this type of system in comparison with the traditional systems of magnetic card or password is that the systems control and verify the cards and passwords themselves and not the person who is using them. In other words, easily such a traditional system is outdated and forged.

On the other hand, with a biometric access control system, individuals who want to access a protected location are unequivocally recognized, which prevents unauthorized people from violating reserved areas.

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